Merry Meet

First things first, I would like to humbly wish you all Merry Meet, and to thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world.

As you could probably guess by the title of this site, I am a witch.

Not a dark witch or a white witch, not someone who curses poor unfortunate souls or sucks the lives out of little children (tempting as it might be at times though!!)

Just a plain old simple home grown witch. Or to be more precise a Solitary Eclectic Witch who just so happens to follow Wicca, speak and connect with Angels and Universal Energies on a day to day basis and is going through my own personal journey of spiritual awakening as a 5th dimensional being  – but you can just call me Helen 😉

Throughout this site, I offer a variety of services.

If you would like to find out more or would like to purchase a particular service, either click the relevant links below or the link in the main menu:

You can peruse my Book of Shadows where I write blog and vlog post about my day to day life, my continuing journey in developing my craft as well as hints, tips and handy how to posts on a wide range of topics.

Finally, if you fancy a little online retail therapy, you can visit my online shop, Mystic Maidens, where I essentially sell my world – how I keep my hands off of most of the stock amazes me!

Here you will find all sorts of divination tools such as a wide range of Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, as well as Incense, Smudge Kits, Jewellery and other gift worthy items.

Have fun browsing through the site, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Blessed Be