Angel Oracle Reading

The Angels are here to guide us, and through my readings, they are here to serve you – and only you.

Unfortunately, the higher energies of the universe are not concerned with the day to day Earthly worries such as finding love or getting that promotion – that’s what the Tarot is for.

Instead, Angels will focus on your personal and spiritual journey throughout the Earth Realm.

They are concerned for your welfare, offering guidance in matters of the body, mind, spirit, and how to raise your vibration to the next levels.

During an Angel Oracle Reading, the Angels and Higher Universal Energies will offer you:

  • Guidance – how to help yourself so that matters of the mind, body and spirit can be improved
  • Reassurance – either in the form of support, protection or that you are on the right (or wrong) life path
  • Potential – what is to come if you allow yourself to unleash your true personal power

How My Angel Oracle Readings Work

If you are seeking guidance from the Angels, just click the Paypal button, and email me with your question or confirmation as to what guidance you are seeking the Angels for. If you do not have Paypal, you will be able to check out as a guest using a debit or credit card by click the grey check out button under order summary.

The spread I use for connecting and communicating with the Higher Universal Energies is bespoke to me, and consists of 10 cards.

Your reading will be emailed in a pdf format, and you will see not only the spread in its entirety, but also a break down of the meanings of each individual card, as well as an overall or summary message from the Angels.

Angel Oracle Readings will be emailed within 48 hours of receipt of your query and cost £20

Please email all questions to:


Blessed Be